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About Myself

Growing up, I was conditioned to adjust and avoid conflict. This impacted my ability to express and advocate myself. I had a lot of negative feelings and thoughts about myself and had a mindset of lack and always sensed that something was wrong with me.

I was on a lookout for solution, that is where my healing and personal growth journey began. The journey was packaged with full of lessons. In spite of knowing many things at an intellectual level, I couldn’t help but always find myself with people and situations that made me feel unhappy, unheard, misunderstood and disrespected.

I saw a major shift within me when I healed my attachment style and that made me take my power back from others, stand up for myself and advocate for myself. I realized that good things take time and ultimately truth will prevail.
Today, I am in a position where I can proudly and humbly say that I am my own “Hero”. My own journey of advocating for my rights, expressing my feelings and needs and the spirit of never giving up made me write my first book “Mastering Authenticity”. I share my learnings and knowledge that helped me throughout my journey and a few struggles that I faced and how I overcame them.

I aim to serve people and especially women through one-to-one coaching where I assist them to open up to their inner world, and become the best version inside out 😊.

What can I Help With?

Better You = Better Relationships. I can help you to build, enhance and evolve as a person and in relationships of all kinds, be it personal or professional.

  • Build Self-awareness & Self-Esteem

  • Become Emotionally Aware, Regulated & Mature

  • Become Empowered & practice healthy Interdependence

  • Learn Assertive Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Strategies for Healthy Boundaries & Relationship needs

  • Cultivate Healthy & Meaningful Relationships

  • Help you to develop decision-making & cultivate problem-solving mindset

Vision: To promote self-awareness, empowerment and accountability in individuals and relationships

Pink Sugar

My Mission: Empower individuals to heal, learn to express & advocate for self, and also grow and evolve as a person and in relationships

Personal Growth



Impact & Personal Autonomy

Ethics & Values: 

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